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With Donna Mosley

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Transforming Lives, One Lesson at a Time

A place where you can engage, embrace and embark upon the greatest accomplishment of your life. 
Biblical Study Strategies is not a bible study. This is a 4 Night class designed to help you learn how to study and engage with the bible in a way that is exciting, and life changing. 

Cost:Full Session $65.00
Drop ins - $20.00 per night


Class Calendar

Length of Class - 4 Nights
Days: Mon. 12/4 through Thurs. 12/7
Time: 7pm-9pm
All Classes are Virtual on Zoom


Course Includes:


1. The Layout of the Bible
2. Necessary and helpful study tools
3. How to know what to study
4. How to Avoid Error in Interpretation
5. How to find Gods voice in your study time
6. How to identify key themes in scripture
7. How to break the bible into smaller parts for easier study and understanding 
8. How to remember and apply what you learn and more.


Class Preparation

Classes will be held from 7-9pm Mon. 12/4- THURS. 12/7

Bring your Bible, your faith, a Pencil, a highlighter and a pad for note taking. 



Wear your faith boldly with Donna Mosley, and support Balm Church by ordering any Tee Shirt from our collection.

Pay by the week
Drop in - Only $20.00


NOTE:Drop ins are eligible to attend on
the date selected.  

Thanks for joinnig, see you soon.

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Admission fee for this course is $65.00


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