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Praying Together

When the word of the Lord came to 
Donna on an October night in 2008, it sent her into spiritual shock.
Donna had served as the theater director for a large church in New Jersey. She loved it there and thought that she would remain there for the rest of her life.  This meant that  Donna would use the dual process of teaching and dramatic biblical presentations to reach the marketplace. She relocated to Bethlehem in December, 2008 and on Easter Sunday 2009, the ministry was launched. 


Since our beginning God has confirmed the usefulness of the Arts to teach and proclaim the word of God to the marketplace. God has saved, delivered and healed many lives. Thousands of people have seen and witnessed the power of God to save. We have impacted not only the marketplace but also believers who come to experience the stories of the bible come to life. Their faith is ignited and miracles happen. 

"I'm sending you to Bethlehem to Pastor.
When you teach and demonstrate the
simplicity of faith,
it will be life-changing
my people"

Donna has seen God provide supernaturally for the ministry and for the people who put their trust in Jesus. We have seen testimonies of miraculous healings, demons cast out, and miraculous provision made for those in need. We have seen fear driven out, and lives saved from danger.  God is continuously working in the lives of people who share their testimonies of how the ministry has grown their faith and helped them in many different ways.  

Reaching the Marketplace with the Gospel!

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There are many more lives to be saved by the gospel. God put it in Donna's heart to reach those who are unchurched or have given up on church. By partnering with the local news in the Lehigh Valley, God has drawn many people to Him and has transformed the lives of people. Through our partnership Balm reached a multitude of people with the gospel message and inspired the faith of many believers. 

Exalting the name of Jesus makes the impossible, possible.

Taking the Ministry to the World!

IMG_0062 (2).jpg

Donna saw God open doors to the ministry supernaturally when she uploaded her first video 

to youtube which quickly gained over 400, 000 views. Armed with a message given to her by

the Holy Spirit, the channel has ministered to people around the world, in Africa, Australia, China,

Saudi Arabia and at home in the U.S. 

Regularly testimonies come in of people whose faith in God is restored and whose prayer

lives have come back to life. We also embrace missions, partnering with Hogar Crea, an 

18 month residential program for women recovering from addiction. Subscribe to our email list

and get involved. We welcome you to join Balm, a digital ministry connecting believers around the world.

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