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Because of your faithful and generous support, this year, we have reached thousands of people worldwide with the gospel of Jesus Christ and  have supported earnest Pastors to remain on the frontline as times get more dark and difficult.We offered classes to believers seeking to deepen their relationship with God and the bible and are quickly approaching a milestone of having 1 million views on our youtube page. God has empowered us to coach and pray for many and we have heard countless testimonies of faith. We aspired to end the year with a powerful outreach and God has given us a Christmas mission to brighten the outlook of children who are enduring life apart from their mothers. 

This coming year we want to offer more teaching on youtube, more daily inspiration emails, blogs, and we want to make more zoom classes accessible for Christians seeking to deepen their faith in God. Classes such as discipleship, Biblical Study Strategies and more. In addition we want to broaden our reach by doing more outreach, and connecting believers worldwide. Can we count on your partnership this coming year?  There is no obligation to give, but if God moves your heart to sow, we welcome your partnership in this great work. 

With Love and blessings,

Pastor Donna

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