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Donna Mosley is honored to host Dr. Ledbetter Live on Balm's Youtube channel on Tues. Feb. 6th @7pm EST.  J for 2 hours of Biblical Q & A.  Subscribe and hit the notification bell so you are sure not to miss this special opportunity that God is giving to us. 

Dr. Spencer Ledbetter

"What a mind. I've never asked him a question about where a Scripture was when he couldn't give a chapter and verse." -FLOYD SHEALY



Dr. Spencer Ledbetter is a distinguished figure renowned for his exceptional memory and profound understanding of the Bible. Acknowledged among friends, relatives, and students, his remarkable grasp of scripture transcends mere exaggeration.

He received a master's degree from Harvard Divinity School and a doctorate at Oxford Graduate School, Dr. Ledbetter stands as a dedicated scholar. His impactful journey includes serving as the dean of the American Bible College and Seminary in Oklahoma City, a role that reflects over a decade of unwavering commitment to ministry. Prior to this, he spent a decade contributing to the impactful work at the Jesus House in Oklahoma City. .As the pastor of The Cross of Calvary Baptist Church, Dr. Ledbetter is endearingly known as "the Bible man." Admirers applaud him for his sterling characteroutstanding teaching, and a unique ability to process answers faster than a computer. Dr. Ledbetter brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the forefront, promising an enlightening and thought-provoking experience for all attendees. Beyond his scholarly and ministerial pursuits, Dr. Ledbetter finds profound joy in his personal life. Married and blessed with four children, he embraces the responsibilities and joys of family life. Additionally, his role as a proud grandfather to three granddaughters adds a heartwarming dimension to his journey. Residing in Oklahoma City, Dr. Ledbetter continues to leave an indelible mark on both academic and spiritual landscapes, embodying a harmonious blend of scholarly excellence, ministerial dedication, and cherished family values.



Doctorate of Philosophy, Oxford Graduate School
Masters in Theological Studies, Harvard School of Divinity
B.A. in Religion, Economics and Communications, Oberlin College

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