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Donna is a leading voice in the ministry with more than 30 years of Christian leadership experience in proclaiming the gospel through dramatic ministry, teaching and writing. She is known for teaching Gods word in a way that is revelatory, simple, and ignites the faith in Jesus. Her compassion for those who are suffering has connected her to people suffering in domestic violence, drug and alcohol addiction and childhood trauma. Her ministry has led her to teach in residential drug programs and homeless shelters. The many testimonies are glorious and demonstrate Gods grace, compassion and power.



God saved Nucci known as Nucci Reyo out of the music industry where he worked with big name artists, such as Puff Daddy, Busta Rhymes and many more. Nucci put his faith in the Lord and never looked back. He joined the ministry in 2009 and has been a faithful support to his mother, Donna and to those who God has connected us with. He is known for his artistic ability to proclaim the word of God with revelation and relativity through his music and through teaching. 

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