It takes all kinds of people with all kinds of skills to make BALM tick. Join a team and serve with us. It's a great way to make friends and make BALM your home. Browse this list of opportunities. After you contact the team lead, you'll have an opportunity to shadow a team to try it out. We can't wait to have you on the team!


Commitment: Once a week
Comms work with the Pastor and Leaders to produce weekly e-news and to curate the churches social media pages.

• If you're a social media maven, you'd be great at helping build online community at your church!
• If you love making sure everyone knows what's going on (and maybe if you can't resist fixing typos on restaurant signs) you'd probably be great at producing your campus e-news. We're looking for strong writers and editors. 

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Commitment: 1-2 times per month

Help create an inviting and engaging space for people to feel welcome as they encounter Jesus at BALM.

  • Are you logistically-minded? Help set up tables, signs, and other welcome materials.

  • Are you a people person? Be the friendly face of BALM and answer questions, invite people into community, and help people get connected.

Commitment: 1-2 times per month

This is about a lot more than coffee and donuts. You will be helping to create a welcoming and engaging space for people to chat and feel welcome before and after services.

  • Are you logistically minded? Help set up tables, signs, books, and refreshments.

  • Are you a people person? Greet people, answer questions, welcome them with refreshments, and give handouts to guests.


Commitment: 2-times per month.

Partner with parents as they disciple their kids. You’ll be provided with lots of coaching, exciting Bible lessons, and fun games and crafts as you pour into the lives of the next generation!

Want to strategically invest in the lives of a few children? You’ll spend time with the same kids week after week in order to build a relationship that points them toward a relationship with God.

We are looking for hosts who love captivating an audience of children to lead them through worship and our large group time.

Act One Kidz [AOK]

Balm Youth

Commitment: 2-4 times per month

Rally behind the next generation at BALM Youth! BALM Youth exists to provide a place for students grades 6-12 to feel known and be heard. We are advocates of students and partners with parents. Our youth are not just the soon-to-be or future church, they are the church today.

  • Follow up with new students and families

  • Lead a BALM  Youth  Group

  • Have an organizing itch that needs scratching? We’ve got you covered!

  • Help build partnerships with local schools

  • Dream big in creative planning



Commitment: 1-2 times per month

Join us behind the scenes to make worship happen. Create an engaging environment that encourages everyone to join in worship and embrace truth.

  • Projection – Partner with the worship leader and  pastor to display lyrics, slides, and sermon.

  • Audio – Join the worship team and pastor to create a dynamic and immersive worship experience by mixing audio for all aspects of the service.

  • Lighting – Ensure the worship leader and  pastor are clearly visible in a creative visual environment.

  • Setup/Teardown – Especially important! We need people willing to roll up their sleeves and do a little hustling to get stage sets up and put away as we make services happen.

  • Actors - Love the stage? Join the theater ministry to illustrate the word of God as a part of our worship. 

  • Writers - Love to Write? Join theater ministry and write biblical stories that express the heart of God. 

  • Sound & Lighting Technicians -  Set the worship environment with lights, music and sound effects to support the theatrical presentations.

Commitment: 2 times per month

Through pre-service intercession, we create safe spaces for people to encounter God’s love and kingdom. Post-service, we provide personal prayer ministry with the aim of brokering hope one prayer at a time.

  • Do you love prayer? Grow in the Spirit and in different prayer methods.

  • Do you love people? Serve them through prayer.


Commitment: 1-2 times per month

Be part of the main team helping to set up and tear down before and after services. The goal is to use logistics to create a functional and welcoming place for people to enter into community and encounter Jesus.

  • Help set up signs & tables.

  • If you prefer to serve in the background, this is a perfect task-oriented team.