1. The Board of Directors [BOD] currently consists of the Treasurer, the Secretary, The Vice President and the Executive Pastor.  As set out in the BALM Bylaws, the members of the [BOD] are appointed by the Lead Pastor and ratified by Active [BOD]. 

  2. Every fall, the budget proposal for the following year is set by the BOD based on our projected income. Each Member of the [BOD] has a copy of the budget and quarterly meetings are held by the [BOD] to make any budget adjustments as necessary. 

  3. The [BOD] also determines the salaries of everyone on staff. For each position, they research comprehensives based on the portfolio, cost of living, and qualifications to determine a salary range, and they also take the budget and the person’s experience and education into consideration. Our staff is not currently on salary due to operations costs.