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Dear Partners,

One day, since being saved,  I asked God to tell me who I am. God pointed me right to John 14:20. "You are in me and I am in you.". I was shocked and by His answer, but also relieved to know that God identifies me as one who abides in Christ, making me his own. 

Abiding in Christ makes you more than a son or daughter born to your parents, more than a spouse or a profession or a past reputation, because abiding in Christ is the cure for every ill. 

God wants your new identity as a child of God to overflow in your heart so that you expect to receive all of the benefits of being Gods child. When God saved you he made you a new creation, giving you a  brand new identity. What is clear is that God likes new. You weren't just new on the day of your new birth, your new everyday. God making you new means that you are current. Thats right your faith in Christ will never be old. New also means that you are fresh, hot off of the fire. Therefore you can serve God with a fiery passion everyday. Gods word is eternal so when he says new, it is forever new.

You are new, because God has graciously placed you in Christ and lovingly put Christs spirit in you. Now, YOUR MUCH MORE than a human being who is limited by human weakness. You are a brand new creation full of the holy spirit of God. 

God  wants you to see the contrast of your new life compared to your old life, and accept the new life, while leaving the old behind. Whenever a person is saved by the cleansing power of God, transformation happens. The old life is gone, the new life has come.


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